9 de abr de 2009

Rotary District 9640 Conference

Hello my friends!

Last weekend I went to a Conference in Tweed Heads West from District 9640. This conference was occurred in three days (friday, saturday and sunday).

I met expecial people and enjoyed good party and causeries. See my pictures and post your comments.

See you..

Aroldo in Australia.

Um comentário:

  1. Hey man. The time is coming, uhn?
    I though about some thing i hadn't write yet - what happens with the souveniers you brought with you? Specially with the bottle...

    It's really strange to live without your presence here. Not about exacly miss you, but more like your simply are not around anymore! Marcelo left the house, but is still present, you see?
    Even for us, I can see many good changes, new perspectives about your trip. I hope furtherly you can be able to see all the aspects of life you was living and the new ones you will!

    ps.: A good new is that it seems there is a few good work possibilities.